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Guitar Lessons


The idea of Amp'd Up Studios came from a place of passion.  A passion for the music industry, a passion for teaching, and a desire to combine the two in a fun and innovative way.  Here at Amp’d Up Studios we aim to introduce our students to music in a way that captivates their attention, builds their confidence, and provides them with the skill set necessary to eventually play in a band setting.  Our students' hard work and progress will be showcased in an annual concert performance where their friends and family can watch them perform with their peers.

Our instructors all come from varying backgrounds in music, whether that be a former touring musician, someone with a degree in music education, or someone who has simply been honing their skills since their adolescence.  We believe that what makes a successful instructor is someone who shares our passion for introducing people into the music industry and creating the next generation of artists.  Give us a call at 718 . 308 . 9493 to learn more!

Vocal Lessons

Always Remember . . .

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

- BB King


Use our live chat feature to speak with one of our music professionals about custom packages, questions & feedback! You can also have us contact you at your convenience at a later time & date, simply scroll below & use our contact message box!


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